It's JUST a 'Rumor,' BUT...

Axl & Angus Young to collaborate on a NEW AC/DC album?

February 23, 2017

Olena Solodka |

Given that AXL ROSE's performances w/ AC/DC on the last leg of their "Rock Or Bust" Tour were universally well-received, it was only logical that fans (of both) would start to speculate if there would be "life" after the fact, that is, would AXL do anything more with the Aussie Hard Rockers? Add to that the recent guest appearances by ANGUS YOUNG at the Australian GUNS N' ROSES concerts, and you've got some real grist for the rumor mill... It seemed evident to many in AC/DC's camp that when AXL joined AC/DC for the remaining 23 shows of their tour, Angus seemed to have renewed energy and purpose, resulting in what many fans claimed were the BEST AC/DC shows they'd seen in a while. It's been rumored that both Axl Rose & Angus Young have already begun some collaborating on song writing for a new AC/DC album, but since the GUNS N' ROSES 'Not In This Lifetime Tour' still has a ways to go, there is no expectation of any kind of new album until sometime in 2018... Rock On!

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