Hey...Wanna Buy A 'Used' Recording Console?

(formerly used by Pink Floyd, George Harrison, Ringo, & Paul McCartney...)

March 4, 2017

Luca Chiartano Dreamstime.com

Hey Hey...there's an opportunity coming up soon that can net a savvy buyer with an operational recording console that's ALSO a huge piece of Rock & Roll History! Later this month (March), the recording console that used to call the EMI/Abbey Road Studios in London 'Home,' is headed for auction. This particular console, a (custom made) EMI TG12345 MK IV unit, is the same one that was used to record PINK FLOYD's 'Dark Side of the Moon,' as well as solo albums from George Harrison, Paul McCartney, & Ringo Starr! The console was 1 of 2 that were custom made by engineers at EMI, and was used at the Abbey Road Studios between the years 1971-1983. Pre-auction estimates have the historic recording console commanding a price well into six figures....

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