Hey Guitarists! THIS...Is Pretty Cool!

ERIC CLAPTON's "Brownie" guitar "re-created" for sale in limited quantity

April 26, 2017

Michael Flippo | Dreamstime.com

It's NOT just "any guitar..." It's a Fender Stratocaster. And, it's NOT just "any Stratocaster," it's the axe that ERIC CLAPTON used for the recording of the "Layla" album (1970) that still stands as the greatest Rock Guitar album ever recorded! The original "Brownie" as the guitar is known, was sold at auction years ago when Eric put a bunch of his guitars up for auction to benefit his Crossroads Recovery Facility in Antigua. "Brownie" ended up selling for almost $500,000! A few years later, ERIC CLAPTON's black Stratocaster, known as "Blackie," was also auctioned off, and sold for just under 1 million dollars! (Previously, Fender also created "Blackie" replicas for sale) Needless to say, the guitar remains a true Rock & Roll artifact... Fender Guitars, makers of the Stratocaster, have "re-created" the "Brownie" Strat for sale in a limited run of 100 guitars. You probably won't have to pay a half-million for it, but it will be expensive, methinks!  The true test of the "new" Brownie Strat of course, would be if CLAPTON likes and approves of it...watch the video to see how that played out... Rock On!