Hard Rockin' DOKKEN's (Brief) 2016 Reunion Tour Spawns New 'Live' Set.

'Return To The East 2016' to be released later this year.

February 7, 2018

Chris Dorney Dreamstime.com

DOKKEN's well publicized but very brief 'Reunion' Tour from 2016 will be released as a live set as early as Spring this year, according to the band's label, Frontiers. 'Return To The East' features Dokken's classic line-up of Don Dokken, George Lynch, Mick Brown, & Jeff Pilson, who reunited for a short tour of Japan in October of 2016. Their 90 minute performance will be featured on the new CD/DVD/Blu-Ray package along with a brand new song called, 'It's Just Another Day,' also recorded by all four orignal members. This will mark the second time that Dokken has documented a live show from Japan--1988 saw the release of the band's 'Beast in the East' live set, which sold more than 500,000 copies in the U.S. In a recent interview, singer Don Dokken mentioned that the new DVD & Blu-Ray sets will also feature a good amount of "backstage video and bonus footage."  Dokken also mentioned that, in spite of the band's past disagreements and animosities, he sees "no reason" why the original lineup can't continue. He's acknowledged that he and guitarist George Lynch had "mended fences," and the 2 recently reunited and performed together at the 2018 NAMM show in Los Angeles, a performance you can watch below. Rock On, Dokken!