GEORGE HARRISON's Reissued Autobiography Enhances His Legacy.

More about George's life AFTER the 1st publication of 'I Me Mine.'

March 5, 2017


The newly reissued GEORGE HARRISON autobiography, 'I Me Mine,' helps to fill in the blanks of the years in George's life and career that followed the initial publication of the book in 1980. The expanded edition of the book was released at the same time as the new Box Set of all 12 of George Harrison's solo albums on vinyl, and both became available on what would have been Harrison's 74th birthday. (Feb. 25) The re-issue of the book was overseen by George's wife, Olivia, who was amazed herself at the amount of lyrics and photos that her husband had 'stashed' all throughout their home over the years. A good portion of the material was related to the 5 solo albums that George recorded and released after the book's first release, including previously unseen lyrics that had never been recorded. It's been more than 15 years since George Harrison died, and the new, expanded version of 'I Me Mine' offers even more fascinating knowledge about one of the most fascinating musicians in history. Rock On!

Here's MORE about the new, expanded GEORGE HARRISON Autobiography, 'I Me Mine.'