GEOFF TATE Responds To Question Of Rejoining QUEENSRYCHE

Singer talks of 'Empire' 30th Anniversary, & if he'd rejoin his former band

September 10, 2019

Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images


It's been 7 years since the acrimonious split between Seattle Rockers QUEENSRYCHE and original singer, GEOFF TATE...and in that time span, both parties have moved on, each releasing albums, touring, and generally doing their thing. Geoff Tate is currently prepping for his 2020 tour of Europe, which will include full performances Queensryche's 'Empire' album as well as working in tandem with the record company on the upcoming 30th Anniversary release of the twice-Grammy Award nominated album. It finally appears that all of the ugly legal wrangling and lawsuits have been dispensed with, and for many Queensryche fans, there's always the nagging question of whether the 2 parties will ever play together again. Mr. Tate addressed that very question in a recent interview while on tour in England, telling the on-line music site eonmusic, "Well, I never say never. I’d be interested in seeing what comes next. If our paths cross again, I’m always open."  On his past work with Queensryche, Tate is very effusive in his praise for the albums they recorded, saying, "I think Queensrÿche had some amazing music, and I’m very proud of what me made together and separately, individually. It’s cool stuff, and I’m very proud of it." Speaking for myself (and I'm sure LOTS of Queensryche fans)...Let's do this! Rock ON, Geoff Tate/Queensryche!