GENE SIMMONS New Box Set To Include KISS Demos w/ VAN HALEN!

Brothers Eddie & Alex helped out w/ a pair of KISS 'Classics...'

September 12, 2017

Sbukley | Dreamstime

It’s fairly well-known that GENE SIMMONS of KISS played an important and pivotal role in the earliest days of VAN HALEN’s career…The KISS bassist/front-man famously bankrolled the fledgling band’s 15 song demo (which Simmons owns and which VH would prefer that he NOT release) and he helped them ‘shop’ around for a record deal. But Simmons also utilized both VAN HALEN brothers for the recording of 3 KISS demo songs which for decades have remained commercially unreleased, but are about to see the light of day on the new GENE SIMMONS solo box set, ‘The Vault.’ The 3 songs, “Christine Sixteen,’ ‘Love Gun,’ (from 1977’s ‘Love Gun’) and ‘Tunnel Of Love’ (from Simmons’ 1978 self-titled solo LP) were recorded during a late night session with EDDIE VAN HALEN playing the rhythm, lead, and bass guitar parts, brother ALEX on drums, and Simmons playing the keyboard parts. Now available, ‘The Vault’ contains more than 150 songs written by Simmons that date all the way back to his teen years, and will be spread out over the 10 CDs in the set. Additionally, Simmons is including an ‘exclusive’ Gene Simmons action figure, a book of photographs, and a ‘very special surprise item!’ More info on the Gene Simmons box set can be found at the Gene Simmons Vault website. Rock On!