Former VAN HALEN Road/Personal Manager Writes "Tell-All" Book!

"Messy, Loud, & Most of All...Fun!"

May 22, 2017

Martin Konopka |

One would imagine, that as a Stage Manager for the (original) Woodstock Fest, a person would be witness to A LOT of weird, cool, unique, weird, inimitable, strange and weird things and observances. And to be clear, NOEL MONK probably did witness all of that back in 1969 at Woodstock.  And, the long-time music business veteran would be wholly-qualified to write a book about such things. Well, the fact is that, Mr. Monk IS, except his new book will be all about his tenure as the personal and road manager for VAN HALEN, from their earliest days (1978)  right up through their exciting rise to stardom. NOEL MONK remained with VAN HALEN in that capacity up until 1985, and he left their employ in 1985, coincidentally at the same time that DAVID LEE ROTH quit as well... Now, NOEL MONK has authored a 'no holds barred, tell-all' book called, "Runnin' With The Devil," and it will be published June 13th. The publisher's (Dey Street Books) press release about the book states, “During this infamous run of success, debauchery and drama, few people were closer to the band than Monk. Lifting back the curtain on one of the great untold stories of rock music, he details the most outrageous escapades from his time as confidant, fixer and promoter, from hotel-room destruction, outrageous backstage behavior, Eddie Van Halen’s high-profile marriage to Valerie Bertinelli, to the incredible drug use and drinking that would ultimately fuel the conflict between the band members.” "Runnin' With The Devil"  will be available as a hardback, paperback, ebook and audio CD. Those interested can purchase limited-edition copies signed by the author, and they are available for pre-order at the Van Halen Store. Rock On!