FLEETWOOD MAC Reissue Self-Titled 1975 Album...

Was the 1st F-Mac LP with Stevie Nicks & Lindsey Buckingham.

November 16, 2017

Zixian | Dreamstime

The first FLEETWOOD MAC album that featured the creative partnership of Stevie Nicks and her (then) paramour, Lindsey Buckingham, has been reissued and it features remastered audio, rare and unreleased studio and 'live' recordings, and more... The album, which made it's debut in July 1975 and immediately became a huge hit, spawned great songs like 'Rhiannon,' 'Say You Love Me, and 'Landslide.' The album was a #1 on the Billboard Album Chart, spent a year in the Top 40, and has sold in excess of 5 million copies in the U.S. This is the latest Fleetwood Mac album that is part of the band's reissue campaign which has already seen the release of 'Deluxe' versions of their albums 'Rumours,' 'Tusk,' and ''Tango In The Night.' (the 1975 album should not be confused with the band's original, self-titled, debut album in 1968) Mac fans will have their choice of configurations: Remastered (1 CD), Expanded (2 CDs), and Deluxe (3CD/DVD/LP) Find out about everything else that featured by visiting the Fleetwood Mac website. Rock On, Fleetwood Mac!