First Listen to the First Song From The New KANSAS 'Live' Set!

'Leftoverture-Live & Beyond' arrives November 3rd...

October 12, 2017

livanovich1 Dreamstime

Back in August of this year, it was announced that KANSAS, after a year's touring in celebration of the 40th Anniversary of their hit album, 'Leftoverture,' would be releasing a new, live set of that tour... November 3rd is the date that 'Leftoverture-Live & Beyond' will be released and we've got a great version of their classic, 'Dust in the Wind' to share! The song that ultimately became a #1 hit for KANSAS had it's beginnings as a simple finger exercise for (original) guitarist/keyboardist, KERRY LIVGREN, and ever since it first appeared on the 'Point of Know Return' album, (also now 40 years old!) it has become the band's 'signature' song. Guitarist/founding member, RICHARD WILLIAMS, in an interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, says that 'Dust' is such a popular song that “every night, when we start that, that’s one song that there’s no doubt that everybody knows it. Everybody knows that song. They know all of the lyrics. Their mother knows it, their grandfather knows it. They have a personal story attached to that song. In any country we’d ever play in, that’s probably more universally known than anything. And that’s cool.” KANSAS will be on the road until the end of the year for the 'Leftoverture' Anniversary Tour,' and then their plan is to record a follow-up to last year's 'The Prelude Implicit' album.  Rock On!