Finally! METALLICA Tour Dates To Be Announced!

February 11, 2017


With interest in METALLICA at a "fever pitch," the veteran Kings of Heavy Metal will finally release their plans for their upcoming North American Tour in support of their latest recording, "Hard Wired...To Self-Destruct." Since the disc's release this past November, it has rocketed to the #1 sales positions not only in the U.S., but virtually every major country in the world! Additionally, the Metallicats have been busy promoting the album with numerous appearances on TV shows, small theater concerts, and making all of the new album's videos available on-line. And now, following what will be the band's 4th Grammy Awards Show appearance, METALLICA is finally ready to reveal what METALLICA Fans have been waiting for...The Tour! Rock On!

Read more about it, and view the 7-second video clip that has been posted on-line: