Finally! Aerosmith's JOE PERRY Sheds Some Light on the 'Farewell Tour!'

January 28, 2017

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AEROSMITH Guitarist, JOE PERRY has offered some welcome (IMO) and revealing insight behind the heritage rock band's 'Farewell Tour...' Although the band has already scheduled their 'Aero-Verderci' Tour to cover much of Europe, their plans for an American tour have (to date) not been too clearly defined. Essentially, don't expect one of America's Greatest Rock & Roll Bands to go "quietly into the night..."  ; ) AEROSMITH's plan is for more of a 'slow sunset' rather than a sudden 'lights-out...' Much like RUSH did when they had the chance years ago, (the trio hit cities & countries they had not been to previously, or hadn't visited in a long time), Joe Perry says that, “We’ll be taking time off here and there, but we really want to play some of the places that we’ve maybe played once before, maybe never before. Kind of go around and hit all the spots you can.” For many years, and by many fans, Aerosmith have frequently been considered and referred to as the 'American counterpart to The Rolling Stones.' It's reasonable to expect (IMO) that the (original) 5 seasoned vets of Aerosmith, as long as they still have the passion & the 'fire,' can continue much like The Stones still do, with great music and exciting, rockin' performances. Rock On!

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