Film Of SCOTT WEILAND's Final Tour Due in December!

Chronicle of the 2015 'Master Blaster' Tour will be available on DVD/Streaming

August 6, 2019

Mike Lawrie / Getty Images

SCOTT WEILAND, the dynamic front man for both Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver, is the subject of a new film that documents the late singer's final tour in 2015. The documentary concert film, 'Man of Velvet and Stone' was directed by Eric Hansen, and is a production of Dark Tower Entertainment. Weiland's 2015 'Master Blaster Tour' was in support of his one and only album with his band The Wildabouts called, 'Blaster.' The album was released in March of 2015, and Weiland was on tour with his band in December of that year when he died of a suspected drug overdose, making it the singer's final recording. It should be noted that it is unknown (at the present time) whether or not the proper rights to Weiland's music have been granted, or if the singer's estate is even aware of the film's existence. The other members of STP have been working on a documentary with the Showtime movie channel, but to date, there have been no plans for that film's release. Additionally, there exists a VH1 'Behind The Music' special that was produced in 2009 featuring interviews and performances of Stone Temple Pilots and Weiland solo tracks that remains unreleased. Another abandoned documentary project was started in 2001 with film footage of Stone Temple Pilots during the recording sessions for their album, 'Shangra-La Dee Da.' “Dark Tower Entertainment Presents, 'Scott Weiland – Man of Velvet and Stone,' a  Documentary Concert Film by Eric Hansen will be available for streaming and DVD purchase December 17, 2019.