ERIC CLAPTON Reveals (North American) Concert Dates!

Short run of shows limited to N.Y./L.A.

February 2, 2017

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ERIC CLAPTON, while eschewing any more large-scale tours, is still going to be playing concerts, just not so many, and in not too many locations. This is not unexpected, as the world-renowned guitarist has previously stated that because of advancing age, and a bothersome nerve condition that makes it painful to play at times, he would be scaling back his plans for touring. Eight shows have been announced for 2017, with 4 to take place in New York City, and 4 in Los Angeles. In the last 2 decades, Eric has managed to 'touch a lot of the bases' and revisit both music and former band mates from his long, successful, and legendary career: The CREAM Reunion in 2005, his tour with STEVE WINWOOD that revisited some of their music from the BLIND FAITH days, and when he toured in 2007, Clapton, by adding Guitarist DEREK TRUCKS to the mix, was able to faithfully rejuvenate some great music from the DEREK & THE DOMINOS 'Layla' era.  And if past releases are any indication, we can hopefully expect some sort of live 'chronicle' (CD/DVD) of the upcoming concerts...  Rock On!

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