ELVIS COSTELLO Lends A Hand On Behalf of Dementia Patients

English Rocker records new Public Service Announcement

February 10, 2017

Paradoxfx | Dreamstime.com

The 'disease' once referred to as "Senility,' is now more commonly and correctly known as Dementia/Alzheimer's Disease. This horrible and cruel condition affects millions in the U.S. and around the globe. My father was a victim to the ravages of Dementia. It was not pretty. ELVIS COSTELLO had a beloved grandmother who also, sadly, had suffered with the disease. Having seen up close how the power of music favorably affected his grandmother's mental health (her husband had been a musician), Mr. Costello has partnered with the charity organization, Music & Memory, who mission is providing and playing personalized 'playlists' for Dementia/Alzheimer's patients. In the past, playing familiar music for these people has been aided greatly in the recall of memories. Elvis Costello had previously written the song 'Veronica' (1989) in honor of his grandmother, and now the veteran musician is lending his hand by recording a new Public Service Announcement on behalf of Music & Memory.  Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Singer/Songwriter, Carole King and Country Star, Kenny Chesney are also supporting the organization.

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