EDDIE VAN HALEN Unveils, Markets 3 new 'Tribute Guitars'

Guitars inspired by 40th Anniversary of the 1st VH album

June 28, 2018

© Rui Matos | Dreamstime.com

Earlier this year marked the 40th anniversary of the debut album from VAN HALEN, one of the most explosive and 'game-changing' Rock & Roll albums ever released...To mark the milestone anniversary of the LP, Eddie Van Halen has designed 3 'tribute guitars' that were all modeled after the same guitar that Eddie used to both record that first album and accompanied him on Van Halen's first concert tour. Of the iconic black and white striped axe, EVH said, "Of all the guitars I've ever built, the white and black guitar will always be my favorite because it did all the things I needed a guitar to do, which prior to that guitar did not exist," The '78 Eruption tribute is as close to my original in sound and feel as humanly possible. I'm incredibly proud of it." The 3 models are: The 'Super '78,'  a '78 Eruption Relic, and The '78 Eruption. The 'Eruption' moniker was chosen as a nod to the fiery instrumental workout on the first album, which precedes the opening number of 'You Really Got Me.' The 3 guitars will be very limited in terms of the number produced; there are only 8 of the Super '78's' available, the '78 Eruption Relic is limited to 30 guitars, and there will be 40 of the '78 Eruption guitars produced. The re-creation guitars, all marketed under the EVH Gear banner, will all include a collector's booklet, and various Van Halen historical memorabilia items, including autographed copies of the first Van Halen album. Rock On, Eddie Van Halen!

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