EDDIE VAN HALEN Sues To Stop Release of Unauthorized Video.

At issue is rehearsal footage from abandoned 2006 Documentary...

January 29, 2018

© Joseph Hollak | Dreamstime.com

The idea was to shoot a documentary for a 'DVD or Video project' about VAN HALEN that dates to about the time that Eddie Van Halen was rehearsing with his son Wolfgang and brother Alex after (original) Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony left the group. After viewing what had been recorded, Eddie nixed the idea of the project, but amidst claims that he wasn't paid, the filmmaker (a few years later) then threatened to release the footage. According to Eddie Van Halen, a settlement was reached in 2015 and Van Halen retained the rights to the footage, however it seems that the filmmaker, Andrew Bennett, is trying to sell the footage. He's even gone as far as posting a trailer of the project (watch video below) on his own website, which was subsequently shut down only to have another site pop up. Now, Eddie and his legal team are heading to court to prevent the sale/screening of the video as well as asking for financial damages. We'll keep ya posted! In other related VH news, there apparently IS a Van Halen (unauthorized) documentary in the works from a British outfit that has already shot interview segments with both Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony, both of whom had favorable comments about the experience... Rock On!

WATCH the video trailer of the disputed footage: