The Doobie Brothers 'Live From The Beacon' Coming For Summer!

Includes full performances of 2 Classic Doobies' albums

May 15, 2019

Frazer Harrison-Getty Images

The Doobie Brothers are set to release a new video/audio package that chronicles the venerable classic rockers' concert at New York City's Beacon Theater last November. In keeping with the popularity of classic albums being performed in their entirity in concert, The Doobies performed both of their albums, 'Toulouse Street,' and it's follow-up, 'The Captain And Me,' and the perfomance will be available June 28th as a two-CD, two-CD/DVD combo or Blu-ray. (You can pre-order the new set here) The Doobie Brothers are on the road this Summer with Santana from June 22nd until late August. Check out the full track listing below and listen to a free sample of the Doobie Brothers new live set! Rock ON, Doobies!

The Doobie Brothers, 'Live From the Beacon Theatre' Track Listing
Disc One: 'Toulouse Street'
1. "Listen to the Music"
2. "Rockin' Down the Highway"
3. "Mamaloi"
4. "Toulouse Street"
5. "Cotton Mouth"
6. "Don't Start Me to Talkin'"
7. "Jesus Is Just Alright"
8. "White Sun"
9. "Disciple"
10. "Snake Man"

Disc Two: 'The Captain and Me'
1. "Natural Thing"
2. Band Intros
3. "Long Train Runnin'"
4. "China Grove"
5. "Dark Eyed Cajun Woman"
6. "Clear as the Driven Snow"
7. "Without You"
8. "South City Midnight Lady"
9. "Evil Woman"
10. "Busted Down Around O'Connelly Corners"
11. "Ukiah"
12. "The Captain and Me"

13. "Take Me in Your Arms (Rock Me)"
14. "Black Water"
15. "Listen to the Music" (Reprise)