Don't Forget About THIS AC/DC Classic!

September 20, 2016

Recorded & released internationally in 1976, AC/DC's 3rd (Australian) studio album "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap," wasn't "officially" released in the U.S. until 5 years later in April, 1981. Although import copies of the album had already made it to the U.S., it didn't have a wider release until their record company, seizing upon the immense popularity (and sales) of the recent "Back In Black" album, opted to "strike while the iron was hot." (I remember playing the "Dirty Deeds" Import back at the old Magic 92 in late 1979 and on...

Irony Dept: "Dirty Deeds" did so well that it eventually became the 2nd-highest selling Bon Scott-era album, and is rightfully considered an AC/DC "Classic." What is ironic is that AC/DC had just successfully debuted their new singer (Brian Johnson) and their "Back In Black" album had already sold over 5 million copies! 

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