Dokken Is Rockin'...Again!

(but will it LAST?)

October 1, 2016

George Unger iv |

When 80's Hard-Rock Powerhouse Dokken called it quits 1989 after a pretty good "run," it was acknowledged that the inevitable "ego clashes" between Don Dokken & the other members of the band was a major factor in the band's demise. Earlier this year, in order to have a HUGE payday, the 4 original members-Don Dokken, George Lynch, Jeff Pilson, & Mick Brown--put aside their differences and agreed to perform 6 shows in Japan later this month... After their only U.S. show recently (recorded for possible commercial release) in South Dakota, it remains to be seen if Dokken will decide to "give it a go" with more U.S. shows. Rock on!

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