Do Ya Want MORE Blues Albums From The ROLLING STONES?!

Success of "Lonesome & Blue" could lead to another Blues LP...

July 24, 2017

Marius Wigen Anderson/

It's now been a dozen years since The ROLLING STONES last released an album of new, original songs... ('The Biggest Bang' was released in 2005), and the band of heritage rockers have been planning to record & release a new album for quite awhile at this point. Now, STONES' Riff-Meister, KEITH RICHARDS is saying that the band could very well start work on that new album very soon! The band had planned on creating new music last year, but instead released the spontaneously-recorded collection of Blues 'covers' ("Blue & Lonesome") which ended up being received very favorably by critics and fans alike. (it was The Stones' best reviewed album since the 1980's!)  The success of "Blue and Lonesome" was unanticipated, as The STONES recorded those songs as kind of a 'lark,' putting down on tape the songs they would play as a 'warm-up' to recording in the studio... In a recent installment of the YouTube feature, "Ask Keith Richards," Keef was asked, “Are you inspired to get back in the studio with the Stones and do some more recording?” Keith's response: “Yes, we are — very, very shortly. Cutting some new stuff and considering where to take it next. 'Blue & Lonesome' caught us a little bit by surprise in that we figured it was something we had to do, but we didn’t expect the response.” The success of that project inevitably leads to the question of another Blues-inspired album, to which Keith says, “I don’t think we’re going to sucker into that straight away, but it wouldn’t take a twist of the arm to do some more of that. It’s such fun to record, and there’s plenty more where that came from.”  Another positive outcome of the success of  the 'Blue & Lonesome' album was that, according to Keith, it helped to "revive" the band and "boosted their energy," while at the same time encouraging their 'viability' as they move forward in their career as "The World's Greatest Rock & Roll Band!"  Before any new STONES' recordings are done, fans can anticipate a new Book & DVD package called, "Rolling Stones On The Air in the 60's," a collection of television and radio performances from the 1960's... Rock On!