Did You Know...PAUL McCARTNEY Doesn't Own His Beatles Songs??

But He's Tryin' To Get 'em Back!

January 19, 2017

Diana Leach | Dreamstime.com

Back in the 1980's, for reasons I'M still not sure of, MOST of The Beatles song catalog (and the publishing rights for them) was up for sale, and Paul McCartney, who teamed up with YOKO ONO in the effort, engaged in a bidding war with MICHAEL JACKSON for control/ownership of The Beatles' songwriting legacy. The owner of any publishing rights then yields the only 'vote' when it comes to if and how the music is licensed, and to whom. Usually, songs/music are licensed for commercial use and sometimes for inclusion in movies, TV, and theater. MICHAEL JACKSON ended up out-bidding the former Beatle, and took with him those rights to administer as he pleased. You may recall that it was shortly after M-J bought the song catalog that BEATLES' music started showing up in TV commercials...

It SHOULD be noted that there are many songwriters/artists who no longer own their music/publishing. Hell, even The ROLLING STONES don't have the rights to all of their pre-1970's songs! And conversely, McCartney himself owns the publishing rights to other's song catalogs, including that of 50's Rocker, BUDDY HOLLY. However, this is about the music of The BEATLES! And there's no other band (IMO) who's music has meant so much to so many over so many years, and it's ownership should remain with the individual(s) who created it... Rock On!

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