DICKEY BETTS: Shortest 'Retirement' In History?

Legendary Guitarist ends retirement after 3 weeks, plans 2018 shows!

December 14, 2017

© Valentin Armianu | Dreamstime

Original ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND guitarist, DICKEY BETTS, has had a change of heart about his 'retirement' a mere 3 weeks after declaring that he was "done" in the Music business. (read original post--> http://bit.ly/2BksDiw) As mentioned previously, it's been a couple of years since he last toured with his own band, but on the occasion of the 74th birthday (December 12) of the talented singer/songwriter/guitarist, Betts recently told the (Sarasota-Bradenton FL) Herald Tribune that, "Everywhere I go, fans keep saying they want me to get out and play again. I think the time is right.” Of course, this is a complete 180 turnaround from the comments Dickey made in a recent Rolling Stone Magazine article, where he commented, "It's a little bit of burnout, a little sour grapes, a little bit like a boxer who gives it up. It's pretty tough, to tell you the truth," he said. "Everyone wishes they could be young forever. But I feel like I did my work, and I'm not gonna do anything that's gonna top what I'm known for. So why don't you just stay home?"  Betts' longtime manager, David Spero, says that while details have yet to  be worked out, there will be a string of select dates in 2018 that Mr. Spero likens to "a birthday present to himself" for Betts. An Instagram Birthday post from Dickey's son Duane said "Happy 74th Birthday Dad! So Glad you’ve decided to come out of retirement ... i knew that you would," which was accompanied by a photo of the pair. Rock On, Dickey Betts!