DEF LEPPARD Ends Tour & Provides Video 'Summary' of Last Show

New album is a possibility in 2020

November 15, 2019

Kevin Winter / Getty Images


After spending the better part of this past Summer and Fall on tour, veteran rockers DEF LEPPARD played their final show of 2019 recently, and treated their fans to a video blog (vlog) of the end of the tour. (watch video below!) The Leppard Gang recently concluded their Las Vegas 'residency,' and their last concert before taking off the rest of the year was performed November 2nd in Northern California and included an on-stage (56th) birthday celebration for drummer Rick Allen. What will the new year hold in store for the rockin' Sheffield band? A new Def Lep album is a possibility according to singer Joe Elliott, who in a recent interview laid it out: "It's really important, I think, to keep making new music. But with us — DEF LEPPARD, I mean — we know we'll make new music. We're constantly writing, but we're not in a rush to put anything out just because we have a record deal and we have to put product out there. I think it's more important that DEF LEPPARD just be DEF LEPPARD, and that means playing live in front of people. And maybe once every five years we put a new record out, because that scratches a big enough itch for us these days more so than, say, not touring. I mean, that would be heartbreaking for us."  Mr. Elliott went on to say, "The reason everybody wants to be in a band is to play live — not to spend hours and years in the studio. It wasn't anybody's dream to spend five years in the studio. But, you know, to play in front of an audience in stadiums, that kind of thing, that's the ultimate goal for a band like us. So playing live is, at this moment in time, more important than new music, but we haven't dissed new music at all. We've actually currently got a bunch of songs on the go, but we're just not in a rush to record 'em. We want 'em to be good, not quick."  Def Leppard's most recent studio album of new music was back in 2015, and the most current release is"The Story So Far - The Best Of", released last November. Rock ON, Def Leppard!