DEF LEPPARD Gives 'Green Light' To Streaming Of Entire Catalog!

The band originally took a 'wait & see' approach to on-line sharing...

January 19, 2018

Empire331 |

On the eve of the announcement of their HUGE Summer Tour with Journey, DEF LEPPARD have another treat for their fans...ALL of Def Lep's catalog of music is now available to stream on all of the popular digital platforms. Singer JOE ELLIOTT calls the timing of the announcement "perfect!" Def Leppard are one of the more high-profile 'hold-outs' to embrace streaming, and their delay in coming to the party was based on careful consideration and forethought by the band over the years. Some of the factors that kept them from digitally sharing their (almost) 40 year collection of memorable Rock and Roll included the fact that 'streaming' was not even invented when their last record contract was signed, and they were not in financial need. The latter consideration was due to frequent touring, and healthy, consistent sales of their back catalog. In terms of the 'careful consideration' exercised by the band, Singer JOE ELLIOT told USA Today that the band wanted to "wait out the digital streaming thing" to get a better sense of the viability of the business model, and if it was something that wouldn't be short-lived. (Def Lep also withheld their music from Apple's iTunes until 2011) Elliott went on to say, "We just had to get our heads around it," and he mentioned having the "same suspicion anyone has about anything new. The promise of what it can be and what it is, is sometimes massively different." At the end of the 2017 road jaunt, the band had time to give the matter serious thought, and they did their 'homework' by reading up on the subject and consulting with the "right people." After that, according to Elliott, "things just fell into place."  Def Leppard 70+ date tour with Journey begins the first week of July. Rock On, Def Leppard!