DEF LEPPARD Set To Release 'Live' Album...From a 40 Year Old Show!

No release date yet for previously unreleased 1980 concert

October 18, 2019

Ethan Miller / Getty Images


In a recent interview, DEF LEPPARD lead throat JOE ELLIOTT mentioned that the band is prepping a new 'live' album that will feature a complete concert recorded in London...from 1980! The concert recording, which took place in late April 1980 at the New Theatre Oxford (then called the Apollo), features the band's complete 15-song set, and will serve as the first live album of Def Leppard before the release of their breakthrough album, 'Pyromania,' and the resulting worldwide success and popularity. It's also the only live album to feature original guitarist, Pete Willis. (Willis was replaced by current guitarist Phil Collen in 1982) At the time of the concert, the members of Def Lep weren't even out of their teens yet (!), but their performance shows that they were going to be a band to be reckoned with. Noting the bands youth and general 'newness,' Mr. Elliott offers that, "It's warts and all, it is what it is." "It's us live in 1980. But I tell you this much: there is a fantastic band onstage. The two-arm Rick Allen with [bassist Rick Savage] was some rhythm section to come, considering he was 16 years old and Sav was 17, I think, maybe 18. And Pete [Willis] and Steve [Clark] were 17 and 18 years old. It was some band."  No release date has yet been given for the album.  Rock ON, Def Leppard!