The Dad of Cliff Burton From Metallica Does Something VERY Cool!

The (late) Bass Player's Father keeps his son's memory alive with this deed...

August 10, 2017

Zimmytws |

A recent blog post of mine mentioned the expected, upcoming Deluxe Re-Issue of METALLICA's 3rd album, 'Master of Puppets' sometime within the next year.  The post also mentioned that the album was the final one recorded with their original bass player, CLIFF BURTON, who died tragically during the band's world tour in support of the "Master..." album. Last year, METALLICA published the book, 'Back To The Front,' a chronicle of the recording of 'Master of Puppets,' and it afforded the Metallicats a chance to reflect on the recording of the classic album, as well as reminisce about their good friend and original band member, Cliff Burton. (see video below) Since Burton's death, his father, RAY BURTON, has remained part of the METALLICA Family, with LARS ULRICH saying of Mr. Burton “He’s a great human being, and obviously the fact that he’s Cliff Burton’s dad is another reason we love having him around. But that’s not the primary reason... Ray has weathered all of these experiences with a smile on his face and whenever he walks into a room – when Metallica’s backstage or here at HQ or any other place that we’re fortunate enough to see him – he always has this incredible positive energy.” And to show what a class act he truly is, it's come to light that the 92 year old Ray Burton has been donating all of his son's royalty checks to a music scholarship in Cliff's name at Castro Valley High School, where Cliff attended pre-Metallica. (The Burton family receives regular royalty payments for Cliff's participation in the first 3 Metallica LPs) In providing the donations, Mr. Burton (in a recent interview on the Ultimate Guitar website) said, “The kids that have won it thank me for it,” he said. “I think Cliff probably would have done that with his money, because he was not against education by any means. He liked it very much.”

A Class Act INDEED, Mr. Ray Burton! Rock On!