CREAM's 1968 'Goodbye Tour' Box Set Due February 2020

Goodbye Tour Live-1968: 4 complete shows, 36 songs, 19 previously unreleased!

December 3, 2019
George Stroud

George Stroud


UMe has just announced that a new, 4-disc box set that collects 4 of CREAM's 1968 'Farewell Concerts' is scheduled for release in February 2020. The legendary 60's powerhouse trio that featured Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker, and Jack Bruce, remained together for only 2 years, and the band's split has been acknowledged as being due to an underlying current of disharmony between Messrs: Bruce and Baker, and Eric Clapton's losing interest in the band. Cream's swan song was a 19-city tour of the U.S. in October,1968, and a final 2 nights at London's Royal Albert Hall in November of that year. The chronicle of their last show was only partially represented on their final LP, 'Cream-Goodbye,' which included a handful of studio tracks on one side, and live performances on the other. The whole affair left the musicians (and their fans)  unhappy and disappointed with those final shows. In the documentary 'Cream: Classic Artists,' Ginger Baker remarked, "It wasn’t a good gig; Cream was better than that."  "We knew it was all over. We knew we were just finishing it off." In addition to the Royal Albert Hall show, the new 4-CD set collects 3 shows-Oakland Coliseum, Los Angeles Forum and San Diego Sports Arena, with 36 tracks, including 29 making their first appearance on CD, with a total of 19 previously unreleased tracks, and 10 more tracks from the Royal Albert Hall show, which have only previously been available on DVD. Below, check out the track listings, new audio, and some excellent CREAM video!

Disc One-October 4, 1968 – Oakland Coliseum, Oakland (all tracks previously unreleased, except *)

White Room 6.19*
Politician 5.22*
Crossroads 3.57
Sunshine Of Your Love 5.35
Spoonful 16.47
Deserted Cities Of The Heart 5.26*
Passing The Time 10.40
I’m So Glad 7.07

Disc Two – October 19, 1968 – Los Angeles Forum, Los Angeles (all tracks previously unreleased except *)

Introduction by Buddy Miles 1:39
White Room 6.53
Politician 6.41*
I’m So Glad 9.37*
Sitting On Top Of The World 4.53*
Crossroads 4.25
Sunshine Of Your Love 6.27
Traintime 8.11
Toad 12.55
Spoonful 17.27*

Disc Three – October 20, 1968 – San Diego Sports Arena, San Diego (all tracks previously unreleased)

White Room 6.42
Politician 6.26
I’m So Glad 7.53
Sitting On Top Of The World 5.45
Sunshine Of Your Love 5.13
Crossroads 4.13
Traintime 9.39
Toad 14.03
Spoonful 9.12

Disc Four – Cream Farewell Concert November 26, 1968 – Royal Albert Hall, London (all tracks first-time release on CD)

White Room 8.02
Politician 6.37
I’m So Glad 6.53
Sitting On Top Of The World 5.06
Crossroads 5.03
Toad 11.22
Spoonful 15.47
Sunshine Of Your Love 8.37
Steppin’ Out 5.02