CHRYSSIE HYNDE (The Pretenders) Takes A Stand On Cell Phones At Concerts.

Is She 'right' to do it? Was she 'wrong' to do it?

November 1, 2017

Timurock | Dreamstime

If you attend concerts (or any other 'event), you've seen them...the people who are holding up their cell phones to 'capture' part or all of a performance instead of watching the actual performance! Personally, I cannot figure out why, if one is gonna shell out their hard-earned money to buy a ticket, that person would prefer to watch their inches-wide screen instead of enjoying the real show... And while I'm not certain of it, I would anticipate that most performers would rather have people's eyes on them in 'real life!' CHRYSSIE HYNDE of The Pretenders is a performer who is not having any of that anymore...Ms. Hynde ended a Pretenders' show early and abruptly recently when she was performing in Dubai, after audience members, despite being 'warned' to put the phones away, did not, and Ms. Hynde walked off the stage after a few choice comments aimed at the offending parties. In fact, the 'no-phones' policy is clearly stated at The Pretenders' shows, so it shouldn't have come as a surprise to those attending. According to the publication, The Independent Reports, the conflict w/ Chryssie Hynde and the cell-phone zealots started with the very first song and did not abate as the show continued. At this point, an ultimatum was issued by Hynde, with her (allegedly) angrily stating from the stage, "If you keep using your phones, then I’m not singing and you can listen to us playing." Then, at the conclusion of the song they were playing, Ms. Hynde said "Well, take a [expletive] picture of this" and she and the band walked off stage. I don't believe there are many performers who would risk raising the ire of their fans and possibly alienating and driving them away, but Chryssie Hynde is not one of them. Later on that night, she offered the following statement: "I know sometimes I’m not the celebrity you want," she wrote. "But believe me, I suffer for it later that night and wish I could have been a nicer person. But I wasn’t, I’m not and probably not going to change any time soon." Rock On, Chryssie Hynde!