Check Out THIS tribute to The ALLMAN BROS. BAND!

Teen Orchestra from Berklee School of Music SLAYS 'Whipping Post!'

August 30, 2017

Winzworks | Dreamstime

Since the deaths this year of original ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND members GREGG ALLMAN and BUTCH TRUCKS, tributes to both the musicians and their recorded legacy with the band have been numerous and widespread. Prepare to be AMAZED at the performance of The Allman's classic piece, 'Whipping Post,' by the 5 Week String Orchestra from The Berklee School of Music! Performed by these youngsters using ONLY string intruments, their violins battle it out in much the same way that DUANE ALLMAN and DICKEY BETTS traded off guitar licks and solos during their performances! Props go to Professor Mimi Rabson for directing and arranging the song, and for guiding the young musicians in an original and breathtaking performance! Rock On!