Canadian Choir Presents AWESOME Tribute To DAVID BOWIE!

This WILL give you 'Chills!'

March 17, 2017

James Steidl |

Music Fans ALL remember that 2016 started off very badly, and got worse as the year went on, in terms of the musical talents we lost...And even tho the list of the departed contained many iconic & legendary performers, it was the first 3 deaths, in rapid succession, of GLEN FREY, DAVID BOWIE, and PRINCE, that continue to resonate and evoke a deep sadness. A full year after those first tragic passings, we continue to mourn, and it seems that the most intense feeling of "Loss" is still attached to the death of David Bowie. Even more stunning about his death at age 69, was 1) No one knew he was ill, 2) Bowie released his album, 'Black Star' right after his birthday and before his death, and 3) the first lyric in the song, "Lazarus," began with the words, "Look!, I'm in Heaven!"  Tributes to the late British artist, musician, & trend-setter continue, and the video here is one of the most awe-inspiring tributes that I personally have heard/seen yet. It's the 500 people of CHOIR! CHOIR! CHOIR!, who performed Bowie's 1st big hit, "Space Oddity" recently at the Art Gallery of Ontario (Canada).