Can A Band's Legacy Be So Big As To Become "Embarrassing?"

Black Sabbath's TONY IOMMI (lightheartedly) thinks so...

October 9, 2018

Cindy Tanzyus

So, you've been part of a legendary and influential Heavy Metal band for the majority of your life, and you feel... Amazed? Blessed? Honored? Embarrassed? Wait, what?  Well, maybe not really, but that's what TONY IOMMI, lead guitarist/founder of BLACK SABBATH recently said in a lighthearted interview with the Scottish newspaper, The Herald.  Of course, he's not really embarrased by the fact that The Sabs have influenced so many bands that have had great success in their own right, a list that includes Metallica, Van Halen, Iron Maiden, Guns N’ Roses and others...In recognition of Black Sabbath's far-reaching and everlasting influence Mr. Iommi remarked, “It’s fantastic. I’d never have thought that would happen and it amazes me even now. It’s great to have been able to create something that’s still there after all these years, and got bigger and bigger. The amount of bands I’ve met over the years from Metallica onwards who have praised me for coming up with the ideas has been brilliant. It’s almost a bit embarrassing.”  In the same interview, Iommi also reflects on the number of friends in Rock & Roll who passed away from overindulgence in drink/substances, and at the same time, expresses wonder and amazement at the fact that his friend KEITH RICHARDS is still above ground, saying that "I’m amazed he’s still pottering on. I take my hat off to him.” Tony Iommi reports that he still plays his guitar every day and word is that he will start work on a new solo album some time in the near future.  Rock ON, Tony Iommi!