Black Sabbath's TONY IOMMI Still Fighting Cancer...

Health issues contributed to ending BLACK SABBATH's 'The End' Tour

December 12, 2016

Cindy Tanzyus |

Black Sabbath Guitarist Tony Iommi's battle with cancer continues...He has just recently announced that he will soon undergo surgery to remove a 'new growth' in his throat. The news is a setback for the Heavy Metal Icon, as his cancer was in remission as recently as August. The surgery is strictly precautionary as it is undetermined if  the new growth is cancerous or not. But, just considering the fact that he's being treated for Cancer, neither Tony Iommi or his doctors want to leave anything to chance.

The guitarist admits that while this serious health issue factored into the end of Black Sabbath's final tour, he remains optimistic and hopeful that there might still be some sort of Black Sabbath project (an album or an occasional 'one-off' show). Tony Iommi is also very cognizant of what's important: “I have to live what life I’ve got,” he pointed out. “I have been on the road nearly 50 years. I need to be at home more, and I need to pay more attention to my friends and family.”

Sending our BEST Get Well wishes to TONY IOMMI...Rock On!

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