Black Sabbath's GEEZER BUTLER-"No more reunions..."

Bassist hints at possibility of a new solo LP.

January 10, 2018


The last BLACK SABBATH tour, which was dubbed 'The End' pretty much left no doubt that it was, indeed, the end for the pioneering Heavy Metal band, however, just to be clear, bassist GEEZER BUTLER has confirmed that, moving forward, there will not be any more 'reunions' with his band mates, TONY IOMMI & OZZY OSBOURNE. Butler offered up his opinion in response to a comment made by Tony Iommi in November of last year, when the guitarist stated that it might be "possible" that they would record a new (Sabbath) album and maybe make a festival appearance here and there...Butler acknowledged that any sort of reunion isn't likely to happen, and said that it is “Not very likely at all. I think Ozzy is going out on his farewell tour, so that will be him touring for the next two or three years.So I don't think there will be any chance of doing any one-offs or anything like that – which I'm fine with. We went out on a high, and it's best not to drag it out.”  Currently, Mr. Butler is enjoying his free time and is doing a bit of 'globe trotting' in the U.S. and Europe (as a tourist), and he is also starting to organize a bunch of musical ideas and riffs that he has stockpiled over the years in the hopes that “Maybe next year I'll put them together and hopefully put out another album.” Black Sabbath fittingly concluded their 'The End' Tour in their hometown of Birmingham, England, in February of 2017, and issued their concert DVD, 'The End of The End' this past November. Rock On!