Bassist MICHAEL ANTHONY: "Time Is Right" for a VH Reunion...

With (hopefully) BOTH David Lee Roth AND Sammy Hagar!

May 12, 2017

Chris Dorney |

In the acrimonious and unpleasant "Divorce" that tore VAN HALEN asunder back in 2004, SAMMY HAGAR ended up with "custody" of VH Bassist, MICHAEL ANTHONY, who has been with The Red Rocker since, performing alongside Sammy Hagar in the bands CHICKENFOOT and The CIRCLE... Now, in a recent interview on Satellite Radio, the fella who lent all those great harmony vocals to Van Halen records is saying that "the time is right" for a VAN HALEN reunion, and stressed that "the proper way" to do it would be to feature BOTH of the Van Halen singers/front-men. It's a sentiment that has been previously shared (March 2017) by SAMMY HAGAR himself! (READ: MICHAEL ANTHONY recently re-connected with DAVID LEE ROTH, albeit through a tragic event in Anthony's life: the loss of his infant grandson. Anthony received a generous donation to the team representing his grandson in the L.A. Heart Walk from Roth, which actually pushed the desired amount of donations waaay past expectations... When Anthony reached out via e-mail to thank the donor, identified as "Dave Roth," it was confirmed that the money did indeed come from his former band mate. The message that he (Anthony) received was, “Hi, Michael. It’s David. Sorry about your loss. I’ll be in touch.” For Van Halen fans, regardless of their lead singer preference, this can only be encouraging news. Stay tuned.... Rock On! 

LISTEN to the Michael Anthony Interview HERE: