AXL ROSE...Is A 'Sentimental' Guy!

On stage, The singer eulogizes his Doggie who died...

June 14, 2017

Erik Lam |

Don’t ever let it be said that GUNS N’ ROSES singer, AXL ROSE isn’t a sentimental guy…AXL took time at a recent gig in Switzerland to pay tribute to his dog, Rosie, who had recently died.  How did he ‘Eulogize’ his beloved pet? First, he announced from the stage, “When we play this song, nobody really knows that … when I’m singing this song, I actually, in my head, I see this little dog of ours with me onstage, ’cause she’s always so f—ing happy,” he told the audience at Letzigrund Stadion before the band played the song. “Before we came to the show today, she passed away. So we’ll dedicate this to her. Kind of the whole show for me in mind has been for Rosie.” And with that, GN’R launched into a hearty rendition of AC/DC’s classic, “Whole Lotta Rosie,” which AXL has previously performed both as the (fill-in) singer w/ AC/DC, and also with AC/DC’s ANGUS YOUNG when the guitarist appeared as a special guest at one of  the Gunner's concert dates in Australia. Check out the clip below! Woof!