Up For Auction: PINK FLOYD Album Award Owned By Rick Wright

June 21, 2017

Jeffrey Cooper Dreamstime.com

You’ve no doubt seen, at one time or another, one of those ‘Gold Record’ plaques on somebody’s wall and thought to yourself how cool those things are!  And in the past, there have been some enterprising companies that would reproduce ‘replicas’ of those album award plaques so that ordinary Rock fans could have them too. But it’s not often that, outside of radio/music industry-types, those plaques are made commercially available to the public…occasionally, you might find one on an on-line auction site, or for sale by a collector, and most of the time, the person’s name on the plaque is probably someone you’ve never heard of anyway.  However, there ARE exceptions, and if you are a fan of PINK FLOYD, there’s a real opportunity to own a veritable piece of PINK FLOYD Rock & Roll HISTORY! Up for auction currently is a Platinum Record Award (sales of over 1 million albums…) that was originally presented to, and owned by PINK FLOYD’s keyboard player, RICK WRIGHT, for the “Dark Side of The Moon” album!  Wright’s widow, Franka (He died in 2008) has made the plaque available and has provided a letter of authenticity to any prospective buyers along with her hope that “Anyone that has any of Rick’s items enjoys them as much as I do.” This is not the first PINK FLOYD item of historical relevance that has gone to auction; a few months back, the original recording console used by PINK FLOYD for the recording of “Dark Side of The Moon” sold at auction for $1.8 million dollars! (that console was also famously used by both George Harrison & Paul McCartney!) Another Record Award plaque from Rick Wright’s personal belongings (for “The Wall” LP) sold at auction back in 2005 for $40,000, and whomever ends up owning this rare item is sure to realize a return on their investment in future years! Rock On!

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