ALL of NEIL YOUNG's Music Headed For On-Line Streaming!

EVERYTHING from 1963 to the present day will be available...

August 7, 2017

Aleksander Bedrin | Dreamstime

There are few Rock Artists/Singers/Songwriters with as prolific a career and canon of songs and music as NEIL YOUNG.   From his very first recording (1963) to the present, his artistic output has remained constant, intriguing, compelling, and historic. And now, fans of NEIL YOUNG will be able to access on-line, every single record he has recorded/produced throughout his career! At the Neil Young Archives, Mr. Young posted a letter that states his intention: “Every single, recorded track or album I have produced is represented,” he writes. “It is always current. You can browse the music I made between today’s date and 1963, when I made my first recording in Canada and it was released as a 45 RPM single.” One of the very cool features will be an interactive timeline, which when “zoomed in on” by the user, will give all the details about everything he recorded during that particular time period, including the albums he recorded (both released & unreleased) and all attendant, pertinent info such as album credits, artwork, and session information! It’s well-known that NEIL YOUNG has always been an advocate for, and has tried to present the best possible audio for his releases (he introduced his own digital-music player called PONO) and for the new venture, he has embraced a hi-resolution technology for his XStream Service, for which he promises “the highest quality your network condition allows at that moment and adapts as the network conditions change.” The music found on the Neil Young Archives, he says, will be “pure uncompressed masters” because “all compression formats compromise quality." The first archival work that will be featured will be a previously-unissued 1976 recording called “Hitchhiker,” that was recorded by Neil accompanied only by his acoustic guitar… This recording has been available as a ‘bootleg’ recording for many years, and features early versions of his noteworthy songs, “Powderfinger” and “Pochohantas.” Of the recording (written about in Young’s Memoir, ‘Special Deluxe') Neil said “It was a complete piece, although I was pretty stony on it, and you can hear it in my performances.” Rock On!