After 50 'Independent' Years, ROLLING STONE Magazine Up For Sale!

Co-Founder JANN WENNER-"“it’s time for young people to run it.”

September 19, 2017

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For ROLLING STONE Magazine, it's the end of an era... The very influential, sometimes controversial, and always compelling magazine, which had it's beginnings in the glorious Hippie days of the late 1960's, will be put up for sale soon, marking the end of a half-century of publishing independence. Since it's inception, the magazine served as a beacon for the counter-culture, and somewhat of a "King Maker" for artists/musicians/performers who's stories/pictures/recordings appeared in the magazine. Rolling Stone evolved into one of the most respected and influential periodicals, and was well-known for the caliber of it's talented writers and photographers, and it maintained a level of integrity (with some exceptions) that has, IMO, rarely been compromised. According to an article in The New York TImes, the sale will mark the first time in it's history that the magazine will be 'out of the hands' of the only publisher/editor it has ever known-Jann Wenner. The now 71 year old Wenner quoted BOB DYLAN when he said, “if you’re not busy being born, then you’re busy dying,” and he (and his son Gus, who helps run the magazine) conceded that he is unable to "grow the RS brand" the way they'd like, and that "it's time for young people to run it." The NY Times piece gets into how the magazine has (recently) suffered some 'hits' to it's popularity, influence, and reputation, and concludes that while Rolling Stone was sorely in need of a cash infusion to "breathe new life into the magazine," it will also be the cause of some sadness to those who grew up with the publication, and remember it in it's 'heyday.' Because Rolling Stone only had 1 (main) editor for these 50 years, it bore the stamp and influence of that man (and the editorial staff) who helped shape opinions, and created it's iconic place in media...In addressing that fact, long-time RS writer, Anthony DeCurtis remarked, “That sense of the magazine editor’s hands on the magazine — that’s what’s going to get lost here. “I don’t know who’s going to be able to step in and do that anymore.” Rock On!