AEROSMITH's Joey Kramer 'Throws Shade' at The Rolling Stones

Reminds us of 'Why' Drummers should just...Drum.

February 28, 2017

David Coleman |

For reasons that Yours Truly cannot figure out, AEROSMITH Drummer, Joey Kramer is 'dissing' The Rolling Stones. Here is (part of) what he said: “Everybody is always raving about the Rolling Stones, saying the Stones this and the Stones that. I’ve never cared for the Stones. They never had anything to offer me musically, especially in the drumming department,” Kramer continued. “The Stones isn’t the original band and I don’t care for them. I think if you came to see an Aerosmith concert, people would realize that we play so much better than them that it’s silly because they’re not so good live.”   Okay then, Joey...Thanks. After all this time as a member one of America's greatest & most successful Rock & Roll bands, why's he gotta insult The Stones? And Charlie Watts?! IMO, Charlie Watts is one of the greatest Drummers ever to wield some sticks...he & RINGO STARR are 2 of the best 'time keepers'  that have ever played in a band! (again, IMO). So, Shaddap, Joey Kramer, and just play your drums.  :P  Rock On!

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