AEROSMITH's Joe Perry: "I'd Like To Record New Aerosmith Music'

The Boston Rockers' 50th Anniversary is on the horizon... (2020)

January 10, 2018

Yulia Grigoryeva | Dreamstime

It seems that it wasn't all that long ago that Heritage Rockers, AEROSMITH were talking 'Farewell Tour,' going so far as performing shows in Europe as their 'Aerovederci' Tour.  However, the band was a little more 'cagey' about any such plans for the U.S.  Now it appears that any kind of 'farewell' shows have been put on the ol' 'back burner' as the band's Ace guitar slinger, JOE PERRY has said that he would like to record a NEW Aerosmith album... In a recent interview with the on-line site Best Classic Bands, Joe said, “Steven Tyler and I have talked about it and the other guys have talked about it. We’ve been so involved with other things. I know Steven’s been doing his solo thing. We haven’t gotten down to things specifically, but I really would like to record some new music. It’s kind of in that chill time right now for Aerosmith.”  It's important to note that the year 2020 will mark Aerosmith's 50th Anniversary (!), and there are currently plans for the band to hit the road once again towards the end of this year, and those shows are expected to last into the anniversary year... Of the upcoming shows, Joe said, “I don’t know what shape it’s going to take. That’s what we’ll be gearing up for. We may do a festival here and there, but it will start in earnest the end of 2018.” In the meantime, January 19th will see the release of Joe Perry's next solo album, 'Sweetzerland Manifesto,' which features appearances from Cheap Trick's ROBIN ZANDER, drummer ZAK STARKEY, and his own 2 sons, Roman and Tony Perry. Rock On Joe Perry & Aerosmith!