Aerosmith 'Farewell Tour': So Many Questions!

Guitarist Brad Whitford doesn't have the answers, though...

January 27, 2017


AEROSMITH has already announced the dates & locales for their International 'Farewell Tour', but the Boston Rockers remain coy about any tour plans in the U.S. and whether it will really be a 'farewell...' The 'Aero-Verderci'  Tour starts mid-May in Israel, and concludes July 5th in Switzerland, and in support of their European dates, STEVEN TYLER & JOE PERRY have hosted & posted 2 short (wacky) videos talking about the tour. Now, if you were to ask Aerosmith axe slinger, BRAD WHITFORD anything about a farewell tour, well, he wouldn't be able to answer...Y'see, Mr. Whitford has more questions himself than answers! His thoughts on why now for a farewell?--In a recent interview with the UK's New Music Express, Whitford opined, “I don’t actually feel like we’re gonna be shutting the whole thing down at the end of it. … I think there’s a lot more life in the band. But I guess you’ve got to start somewhere. So we’re just starting to put the farewell label on things.”

In terms of recording any NEW Aerosmith music, he acknowledged that there is some material, and there is some studio time booked, but again, does not have much insight to what the future plans are for Aerosmith...

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