AEROSMITH 'Farewell Tour?" Not so fast...

April 4, 2017

Aquir |

Towards the end of 2016, AEROSMITH made a big deal out of announcing their (European) 'Farewell Tour,' going so far as to dub it the "Aero-Verderci" Tour, and they produced a few light-hearted videos to announce it as well. However, committing to an American 'Farewell Tour' is proving to not be as easy to do... AEROSMITH recently announced that any plans for a 'final" U.S. tour have been "put on the back-burner" for now, as the band reconvenes to spend time in the studio to make some new music...Guitarist JOE PERRY, has said that the band still feels that "they have 1 or 2 more albums in them," and they will explore that effort and not focus on saying goodbye, at least for now... A similar situation is being faced by many aging Classic Rockers, including DEEP PURPLE, who have announced that after the release of their new album, "InFinite" this month, the heritage British hard rockers will mount their final tour.  Deep Purple's lead singer, IAN GILLAN, has said in interviews that the concept of no longer doing what they love and what they've been doing for decades is very difficult to reconcile. It's the same situation for AEROSMITH, with both STEVEN TYLER & JOE PERRY agreeing that just the idea of 'hanging it up' is near impossible to even think about! Joe Perry compares the final Aerosmith show to trying to imagine your last meal while Steven Tyler is a little more optimistic, comparing Aerosmith’s longevity against most marriages: “The band’s been together for 40 years. Can you imagine? There are no marriages together for 40 years where the passion still runs as deep as it did the first 10 years, in my humble opinion … But the passion is still there.” Soooo, it appears that the "Boston Bad Boys" won't be going away anytime (too) soon, and we eagerly anticipate and  await new Rock & Roll from one of America's greatest Rock bands! Rock On!