30 Years Since LOU GRAMM's Solo Debut, 'Ready Or Not!'

February 21, 2017

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In the period following the release of FOREIGNER's mega-successful & career-defining album, '4,' and the 3 years until the next album, 1987's 'Agent Provocateur,' Singer LOU GRAMM decided to venture out on his own, and get some music done without Foreigner and band 'Svengali,' Mick Jones... Although Lou and Mick Jones were a terrific and succesful writing team, they, like many other collaborating partners, would sometimes have creative differences, and Lou decided to take a temporary 'hiatus' to follow his more hard-rockin' muse. The result was the 1987 release, 'Ready or Not,' an album boasting some slick production, a rock solid beat, and enough 'hooks' in the songs to fill a fishing tackle box. It also yielded a Top 5 hit song for Lou with "Midnight Blue." (Also during this period, Lou Gramm recorded the song, "Lost in the Shadows," which would appear on the soundtrack album for "The Lost Boys.") Lou Gramm would record and release another solo disc, 1989's 'Long, Hard Look' before returning to FOREIGNER for one last go-round before leaving the group for good. Lou Gramm has since announced his 'retirement' from the road after some dates this Summer... Rock On!

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