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Tech Talk - iPhone 7

September 8, 2016

If you're into the latest technology, then you know Apple is releasing their latest verion of the iPhone - iPhone 7. Maybe you heard there no more headphone jack either? Well, here are a few other things the phone has/doesn't have.

The lastest offering is a lot like the 6S, BUT the phone is now water resistant. Which means, if you're prone to accidents like I am, it's a big deal.

Some of the other changes/upgrades/enhancements, according to CNET are these;

  • Dual Camera System

- Optical Image Stabilizer to help shaking hands
- Wide F 1.8 lens that lets more light in for low light images
- 12 Megapixel sensor, True Tone Flash
- 2 Different Lenses Inside Camera - Standard and Telephoto (New Function  - 2x Optical Zoom - Uneffected Image Quality, 3x to 10x Software Zoom Telephoto)
- New Style: Portrait - Uses Telephoto Lens, Adds Depth of Field, Generated In Real Time

  • 7 Megapixel Front Facing Camera for Selfies and FaceTime
  • Stereo Speakers
  • Darker Black Color Scheme
  • No Headphone Jack - BUT - They will be inlcuding an adapter in every box. *The biggest concern was that you wouldn't be able to use our old headphones, but you will get an adapter, as well as a new pair of iPhone earpods with the lightning cord. Apple AirPods will also be coming out, which are wireless. (Beats are also coming out with new wireless headphones)
  • Improved Battery Life
  • Home Button is now Force-Sensitive / More Responsive
  • Water / Dust Resistant

The newest phone will be available to buy September 16th, with pre-orders September 9th.