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Steven Tyler vague about end of Aerosmith

January 3, 2017

Is this the end for Aerosmith...or not? Although the band had previously announced a farewell tour of Europe, dubbed Aero-Verdici Baby, Steven Tyler won't declare an end date for the group.

He told Billboard, “The European tour is booked, locked and cocked and that's ready for next summer. And then we're coming back and we're doing the rest of the world. Farewell? I'm not sure, but truth is, who knows how long we’ll be touring as the original band?"

He continued: "I think that we're all freak of natures and Joe [Perry] and I were talking on the phone yesterday and he said to me, 'We have no right being as healthy as we are after what we've been through.' Whether it's through the abuses of being on tour for 40 years or the abuses of substances or the abuses of life on life's terms, there's been a lot of abuse. But we're both looking pretty damn good for what's going on.”

Tyler also discussed the strength of his relationship with Perry, saying: “Aerosmith is something else you'll never see again. We all love each other, five of us are still alive, every one of us is still playing better than ever.  Yes, we have ups and downs. But one of the things I'm learning in life is that being away from each other is sometimes the healthiest thing we can do. I dare to say that being away from each other may have saved a few marriages on this planet. The one thing that's never failed is that when we get back together to rehearse the love is there again and I've been closer to Joe now in the last three weeks, in the last two months than I think of in our whole career - short of when we started."

Just Announced: Aerosmith tour dates (subject to change):

May 17 - Tel Aviv, Israel - Hayarkon Park     
May 20 - Shekvetili, Georgia - Black Sea Arena     
May 23 - Moscow, Russia - Olympic Stadium     
May 26 - Munich, Germany - Konigsplatz     
May 30 - Berlin, Germany - Waldbuhne Berlin     
June 2 - Krakow, Poland - Tauron Arena Krakow     
June 5 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Royal Arena     
June 8 - Solvesborg, Sweden - Sweden Rock Festival
June 11 - Derby, England - Download Festival at Donington Park
June 14 - Dublin, Ireland - 3Arena     
June 17 - Clisson, France - Hellfest Grounds     
June 17 - Dublin, Ireland - 3Arena     
June 20 - Cologne, Germany - Lanxess Arena     
June 23 - Florence, Italy - Firenze Rocks at Arena Visarno   
June 26 - Lisbon, Portugal - Meo Arena     
June 29 - Madrid, Spain - Auditorio Miguel Rios Rivas July 2 - Santa Coloma de Gramanet, Spain - Rock Fest Barcelona at Parc De Can Zam     
July 5 - Zurich, Switzerland - Hallenstadion Zurich