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'SNL' Rocks the 25 Greatest Musical Performances?

March 13, 2017

One of the great things about music is, it's all very personal. What's great to one person might not be to someone else; it's all arguable. And if you love music, you probably love debating music with other music lovers. That's one of the reasons I enjoy seeing things like this list from Rolling Stone of the "25 Greatest Musical Performances on Saturday Night Live." 

It's almost like saying here are the best skits from SNL. Sure, the cream always rises to the top, but can anyone say that one is definitively the best? I don't think so. 

I won't go through the whole list, you can check it out for yourself...but here are a few of their entries. Some good...some...just odd. #14 still baffles me.

25. Queen - Crazy Little Thing Called Love ('82)

14. The Rolling Stones ('78) - This is a weird one with Mick Jagger tonguing Keith Richards? Yeah...that happened.

7. David Bowie ('79)

4. Neil Young ('89)