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Show Me The Money!

January 9, 2017

It's one of the first riffs any kid has picked up a guitar learns how to play - "Smoke on the Water" - and it belongs to Deep Purple. The band behind some of rock and roll's most memorable songs. As recently as last month, the band announced their "The Long Goodbye Tour,"  and along with that announcement came speculation that the band were finally hanging it up. 

But, backstage - behind the scenes - the group have been devastated by the alleged betrayal of one of their closest and longest-serving advisers, who's accused of siphoning off up to $5 million dollars in royalties. The accused? Their long-time accountant.

Read the entire arictle here.

Deep Purple will be releasing their 20th studio album, inFinite, on April 7 through earMUSIC. The record has already yielded the high-energy, organ-intensive single “Time for Bedlam,” which will be the opening track and can be heard below. The band also announced “The Long Goodbye” tour, though they have not been forthcoming about whether the tour will be their last as the title seems to indicate.