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Queen To Tour With Adam Lambert

January 27, 2017

Queen is hitting the road with former American Idol star Adam Lambert. They kick off their 25 date June 23rd in Phoenix, Arizona. Last year (2016) saw Queen and Lambert play just over a dozen shows across Europe headlining major festivals. Now, with Queen and Lambert proving to be a global success, fans - and even the toughest critics - is there a possibility of some studio work? Queen drummer Roger Taylor in a recent interview had this to say, "I would hope it would, actually. I think it would be a very interesting experiment, y'know (sic), just to go in and see what came out. I don’t know if it would be an album, or anything. I think it’s too good a marriage to just let it go at touring. I'm sure we'll do something”

Adam Lambert, doing his own interviews, admitted that he stepped into some virtually un-fillable (yes I just made that word up) shoes when he agreed to take the stage fronting Queen, filling in for possibly the most legendary and charismatic frontman ever; the late, great Freddie Mercury. Adam said, “At first it was a little daunting, when we started our first incarnation of this. I was definitely. . . I was apprehensive. He’s a big idol for me, and I thought to myself, y’know, ‘I hope that the fans dig this,’ y’know? ‘Cause there was a possibility that they wouldn’t. And it felt really good, the reception was warm, the press reaction to it the first time was very warm. And it’s such a treat to get on stage and pay my respects and pay tribute to one of my favorite singers ever -- and to sing some of the greatest music ever written.”

Quick side note -

Mr. Robot actor Rami Malek will star as Freddie Mercury in the now long delayed Mercury biopic, to be called "Bohemian Rhapsody." The biopic is set to start taping next year and has Queen's own Brian May and Roger Taylor serving as music producers.

Back in November, Deadline.com reported that famed X-Men franchise director Bryan Singer is in talks to direct the film, which is now in its eighth year of pre-production after suffering numerous starts and stops - most notably and controversially Sacha Baron Cohen either stepping down or being shown the door, depending on which story you believe.