Queen & the Speed of Sound

April 6, 2016
If you haven't seen this before, you have to take a minute. You can literally watch the speed of sound ripple through Queen fans at Live Aid 1985. The fans are in near-perfect unison, signing along and gesturing with Mercury. The audience was so in sync, in fact, that the only thing separating their movement was the speed of sound itself.

You can see it in the GIF below. Can you see the rapid, pulsing ripples that radiate through the fist-pumping masses? It's not orchestrated - the crowd doesn't realize what it's doing. The only thing separating their movements? The speed of sound. They're reacting when the sound gets to them. How cool is that?
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And if you think it's just the GIF - here's the video. The moment happens around 5:54ish.